Monday Bluezz

August 3, 2008 at 8:41 pm (Let the word tell the Story)

yesterday went to my uncle’s place ada perbincangan sedikit. He is not happy with it.. But i managed to went out sekejap while waiting for abah to come.. But he as usual make all those remarks as if that all the words that he talk bad about my family macam i dont feel anything…

Kalau aku betul betul kejam i will not by all means ajak dia keluar and we just sit there few HOURS and buat bodoh… And i AM not like that… He still hentam hentam me… But when i just make the remarks saying that… if i noe yesterday incident would happen i WILL drive my own car…

If him in my place i dont think he will do like what i do.. because dia takkan rasa bersalah… and all the fault he blame to other people. Let say kalau aku buat macam tu … put all the blames to other people ESPECIALLY him do he will do like i do.?

YA ALLAH.. Mengapa aku di duga begini..? Why cant i just have simple life as ABC… make thing more easier? ESPECIALLY with him…

me signing off..

Blog soon


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