– Yesterday Once more –

August 11, 2008 at 10:47 pm (Let the word tell the Story)

Yesterday i was mc one day. Body aching .. went to polyclinic.. Then aku mintak referral letter to SGH bacause of my menses … They give me choices of which hospitals that i want to go.. but i choose SGH.. First Appointment on 13.8.08 thats mean tomorrow.. 1510 hrs… Dup dap dup dap…

but i still manage to drove abi to motor shop as he want to get GILERA . Upgraded lah sikit… Went Genting Rd, Mah motor, And last resort… Ubi.. and at last resort we managed to get the bike… New Gilera plus COE cost him 8k++. Down pay everything and Abi will get his bike by next week insya allah… Black GILERA ST 200.. The new version… Dont ask … cause my knowledge about motorbike is very limited…

At night went to CITY PLAZA.. Cause Abah really2 want to eat Arnold’s.. So we migght as well join lah.. Before that went to tanglin visit my PIL..

Hope yesterday berlaku everyday…

Spend time with him..


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