Them In my life….

August 20, 2008 at 4:41 am (Let the word tell the Story)

Fadh, Yat, Wek & Abby.. I’ve known them when i was in Irsyad.. No need to repeat those memory cause it WILL always here in my heart..

Each of them have their own personality which i can describe main thing as MODERATE craziness… Unlike me, Always gila gila.. I wish our age and our life will be like back those days.. where by HARI HARI HARI RAYA.. Huhuhu… Hidup hidup… We laugh, we argue, We shopping, We Shoplifting, We sleeping, We cry, We kancong, We takot.. almost everything… Together..

But somehow.. i felt now i drifted apart… As i choose this way.. The more i depend to them the more i comited to them. It is enough that i comitted in my marriage… I dont want to comitted in others…

Every one of us want to lead a simple and happy life.. But not everything we hoped will be granted by Allah.. Allah maybe have his REASON for making his servant life as hard as he wishes too..

Life is SOO unpredictable… when we thought it will be like this for the rest of the remaining days.. it will always end up something that we Will never expected..

yeah it is true.. Hardship is to make us strong mentally and physical.. but what happen if the hardship always on us? do it make us stronger by each day??

Drama queen titled that belong to me, somehow i will let it go… As the titled i let it go so do my friends..

For me their happiness is my happines.. i dont want them to be sad just because my life is like this… it will be fine for me that they know that i lead a very happy life…

happy for me is happiness for them too..

As time goes by… each of every one of us will setlling down soon. Yat settled down.. and now legally wife of Azhar.. And after eidul fitri will be following the husband to egypt.. I wish and pray for her always..

Between these four.. the one that is close to me is yat.. and second is Fadh.. now i noe that yat already have her own life.. my attention diverted to fadh.. as she just broke off with her EX.. i want to be there when she need someone to cry on.. and i would be the first one to lend my shoulder to her..

As for the rest, seem to me they settling quite good.. and for what i hear and see their partners take good care of them .. which is a relieved to me.. My only worries is fadh.. she maybe laugh at the outside but trust me.. she is not laugh at the inside.. to much pain for her will lead her to something that i dont know what.. She maybe releived in the inside but deep down her heart she have the doubtness of being single..

Dalam mata pandanganku mereka ini semua masih kecil lagik.. masih kanak kanak irsyad lagi.. oops salah.. remaja.. thats why what they do always caught my attention..

The next one that will be settling down is Abby followed by wek.. Insya allah..

Wek,.. what can i tell about her.. she is someone dearest to me too.. as her path of life not that smooth and alhamdulillah that she have the happiness that she been yearning for… A future husband that will protect her from being “bullied” by her siblings.. A future husband that will give her what she is been looking for in her life.. Give her guidance to her.. All her doa’s telah dimakbulkan tuhan…Syukur Ya allah kerana berikan kebahagiaan ini pada Wan hasanah..

when i read this blog again seems like aku nga kasi warning yang aku nak tinggalkan semua orang.. but Ajal tu ditangan Allah.. I dont noe when is my turn.. But Please Ya Allah berikanlah aku peluang untuk hidup bagi menebus dosa dosa aku.. this blog i wrote, something that what i had in mind…

That’s all..

Later i will blog soon about my fren name Azimah…

See you soon


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