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November 24, 2008 at 7:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Well well well… Let me see …. Wow!!!!! Im laughing to my self when i read my blog … Been like donkey years since i last updated my Blog.. Muahahaha… Alhamdulillah.. Everything seems to be okie between me n hubby… What more that i can ask when the is no war, grumble and arguement between us?. Just pray to Allah this will be continue in the future. Amiin!..

Okie alot of things happen to us to the house and everything else lah.. But i wont be updated like all of it today… Hmmm.. Let me think ehich one shud i start first…

Ahah! I think i will break two news for today… First i painted my house.. Especially my hall.. No longer baby blue theme.. ( a bit childish lah ) .. Now more contemporary.. We decided to paint it more daring.. Grey colour.. Yesh u heard me.. But i cant post any pic for now as “WORK IS STILL UNDER PROGRESS” Hehehehe..

Secondly, Insya Allah… my parent in law will be staying with us and our home sweet home will be no longer rented out.. Fuuhhh….! All this will be done by 2009… Insya Allah..

Okie.. need to start my work… Will update sooner or later.. ( hopefully i will not forget my webbi here .. as i 90% INTO Multiply…

Tata for now… Assalamualaikum…


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