Am i like that?

January 12, 2009 at 4:44 am (Uncategorized)

i dont know how i would like to describe myself.. Am i that typical that people look me very low? Or am i to openly or low educated that i behave this way?

I am who i am! Maybe sumtime i dont bother about people what to say about me.. But entah mcm mana kekadang tu perasaan tu seperti ditarik tarik untuk aku memblog.. Bukan nak menunjuk tapi to share..

people give comment¬†by all means i reply to the comments .. but sumtimes i do know that i will reply comments even small small words.. The thing that “faham faham sudah” also i commented.. For me tak rugi ink, tak rugi paper sufficient lah kan.. paling paling rugi menaip ajer..

I dont know.. Maybe i just stop blogging at multiply.. I will try my best…

Act like more matured and i just blog watever i need.. no more whateva thinks that i want.. what i bought, what i will buy or wat so ever.. or maybe i blog here cause nobody noes about this webbie any way.. Hahaha

I back to myself.. Cause i feel more relieved as i vomit watever words i need to say.. Muahahaha..

Okie set then.. i blog more often here..

So zizie.. here i come.. wakaka


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