Its Hubby birthday

January 16, 2009 at 11:41 am (1)

Well i am in the mood to blogging anyway.. So i dont mind blogging to or three post one shot aite… Hmm let me said it.. Happy birthday hubby.. I knoe that he dont knoe the existence of the blog site niwae.. so who care… He is 29 this year… 5 years of us in the marriage and i really doa that our marriage will be bless with alot of kids and happiness in future … Insya Allah…

I got nothing to gave him… i did bought him something.. end up he dont want it.. what a waste of my hard earned m oney.. How could a guy rejected when their loved ones gave them present.. dont look the price even its imitation or original.. U dont noe how hurt my heart is when i think about it.. Seem i cannot erase the hurtfull feeling away.. I reaalllyy dont knoe… how long he doenst give me birthday present?? I knoe i cannot hope for this kind of thing… But u must make something an effort just to show ur loved ones that u appreciate them… Even a small token would be sufficient…

I sowre that even he dying to get those item let it be… I dont want to buy it for him.. By all means he get it himself.. When come to his birthday moment.. i make my self to bought him cake.. without fail every year seh… I dont knoe how i can endure this kind of situation..

Though it hurt me alot.. But i love him tripple everyday…

Cant u see .. how much u hate and complain about situation make u love him more each and everyday..

Thank you Allah for fated him as my hubby…


Toodle doodle for now…

Nite nite


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