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January 22, 2009 at 12:21 am (1)

As i wrote this, in mind there is no title that can suit the thing that i wrote. More to updating things that happened. How times flies we in the verge to february 2009. What i had do for the past weeks on January 2009? Nothing.. other than working, my life were filled with the buzy”ness” as a wife.. Cooking, cleaning, washing etc. To divide all the house work with my schedule i must say it is very hectic and also very tiring. Though it made me tired i feel happy.. some how i can shed some kilos *giggle*.. The only way for me to get back to my desire weight.

Hubby will be on leave since its Chinese New Year.. The production shuting down for 12 days.. And hubby told me that there will be alot of shuting down in future as the economy are very bad now.  How bad is it im not quite sure.. Maybe the marketing side dont do their work that much.. Maybe.. Bad adhhana.. Making assumption is not good! Hubby intended to take some part time work but … i noe my hubby.. Muahaha

As for my side, our company hmmm somehowmaking a bit of profit.. Since our ex executive left us.. The other staff  been told me that our margin line is in blue.. Well good news.. Lets cross oour finger for bonus.. Hehehe.. Insya Allah.. if its our rezeqi it will be ours..

For this long holidays.. i still planning where to go with hub… Been suggested hubby that we just finish our holidays at Desa Cemerlang.. Maybe we can go to Kota Tinggi waterfall since he never been there before.Bowling at Daima bowling centre, Movies at Tebrau city. Helping Abah with his gardening bit here and there will be sufficient.. Since we in our budget mode.. But then.. the answer is still in hubby’s hand… Main thing.. sleep sleep and sleep.. Hehehe..

Cancelled our plan to Genting as i dont have any leave yet.. Leaves will be in my payslip starting April.. Maybe around July – August … Redang trip is 50% confirmed this June.. Date.. Havent decide..

pardon me for any broken grammar as this is my first entry solely in english.. U can see other post it was written by Malay + eng..

Well for now.. toodle doodle…

Love adhhana


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