I shudnt do that… But what else that i can do?

February 17, 2009 at 10:54 pm (1)

Hubby told me to that he doesnt want to rent the room nimore… At first i say okie and agree with the terms. But i dont noe why i ask him few question and the answer or reaction for the question i asked it is sooo Dissapointed…

When i say ” ok if like that we rent the room back lah ” his reply ” whateva happen after this.. He said he dont want to interfere…” Come on lah wake up man..! After all this while i’m the one who settle all the prob … you didnt do anything… so why shud i bother… ???

All this while i’m the one who helped you give some suggestion for you to earn more extra money … but now when your side Will settle soon… and im in the difficulty side you dont want to help… ? What is this.,..?

I just need to clear my credit bill and my outstanding phone bills… What else do i want extra money.. I noe im working.. but all those “tetek bengek” im the one who settle it.. If you dont want.. when i have extra money thru the rent.. i will not share with you.. like what u do to me…! Fair isnt it……

You always said that ” money not enuff later what happen in future…” come on lah when you said that.. It is a doa what… You doa in future you got problems.. so Allah grant your doa lah… I never say much when i left 5 dolars in my bank… I noe i will survive…

I cannot tahan when i cannot pay my credit bills… Though i pay it minimum payment but still when can finish like that….? Cant you see..

If let say he still say much.. I will let him taste his own medicine.. I will ask him my ” part of money every month ” See, if he can endure it….


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