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January 22, 2009 at 12:21 am (1)

As i wrote this, in mind there is no title that can suit the thing that i wrote. More to updating things that happened. How times flies we in the verge to february 2009. What i had do for the past weeks on January 2009? Nothing.. other than working, my life were filled with the buzy”ness” as a wife.. Cooking, cleaning, washing etc. To divide all the house work with my schedule i must say it is very hectic and also very tiring. Though it made me tired i feel happy.. some how i can shed some kilos *giggle*.. The only way for me to get back to my desire weight.

Hubby will be on leave since its Chinese New Year.. The production shuting down for 12 days.. And hubby told me that there will be alot of shuting down in future as the economy are very bad now.  How bad is it im not quite sure.. Maybe the marketing side dont do their work that much.. Maybe.. Bad adhhana.. Making assumption is not good! Hubby intended to take some part time work but … i noe my hubby.. Muahaha

As for my side, our company hmmm somehowmaking a bit of profit.. Since our ex executive left us.. The other staff  been told me that our margin line is in blue.. Well good news.. Lets cross oour finger for bonus.. Hehehe.. Insya Allah.. if its our rezeqi it will be ours..

For this long holidays.. i still planning where to go with hub… Been suggested hubby that we just finish our holidays at Desa Cemerlang.. Maybe we can go to Kota Tinggi waterfall since he never been there before.Bowling at Daima bowling centre, Movies at Tebrau city. Helping Abah with his gardening bit here and there will be sufficient.. Since we in our budget mode.. But then.. the answer is still in hubby’s hand… Main thing.. sleep sleep and sleep.. Hehehe..

Cancelled our plan to Genting as i dont have any leave yet.. Leaves will be in my payslip starting April.. Maybe around July – August … Redang trip is 50% confirmed this June.. Date.. Havent decide..

pardon me for any broken grammar as this is my first entry solely in english.. U can see other post it was written by Malay + eng..

Well for now.. toodle doodle…

Love adhhana


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Its Hubby birthday

January 16, 2009 at 11:41 am (1)

Well i am in the mood to blogging anyway.. So i dont mind blogging to or three post one shot aite… Hmm let me said it.. Happy birthday hubby.. I knoe that he dont knoe the existence of the blog site niwae.. so who care… He is 29 this year… 5 years of us in the marriage and i really doa that our marriage will be bless with alot of kids and happiness in future … Insya Allah…

I got nothing to gave him… i did bought him something.. end up he dont want it.. what a waste of my hard earned m oney.. How could a guy rejected when their loved ones gave them present.. dont look the price even its imitation or original.. U dont noe how hurt my heart is when i think about it.. Seem i cannot erase the hurtfull feeling away.. I reaalllyy dont knoe… how long he doenst give me birthday present?? I knoe i cannot hope for this kind of thing… But u must make something an effort just to show ur loved ones that u appreciate them… Even a small token would be sufficient…

I sowre that even he dying to get those item let it be… I dont want to buy it for him.. By all means he get it himself.. When come to his birthday moment.. i make my self to bought him cake.. without fail every year seh… I dont knoe how i can endure this kind of situation..

Though it hurt me alot.. But i love him tripple everyday…

Cant u see .. how much u hate and complain about situation make u love him more each and everyday..

Thank you Allah for fated him as my hubby…


Toodle doodle for now…

Nite nite

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Yang menunggang basikal….

January 16, 2009 at 11:30 am (1)

Apa seh nak jadi dengan manusia sekarang.. Apa salah kalau u used bicycle tu gunakan road lah and jalan ke arah bertentangan dengan arus kereta lalu lalang… Kenapa nak menggunakan tempat pejalan kaki and u used the place like ur own seh.. Sorry to say .. Macam tu bapak kau nyer tempat seh…

Bertimbang rasa lah sikit wahai manusia… Dimana letaknya otak yang dianugerahkan Allah kat kita…

Kalau nak gunakan basikal dekat tempat tu den dont ride it.. just bring the bicycle and u dont obstruct people what…

How and WHAT is the point you mad when u fucking noe that is ur own fault sia!!!

Bingit seh dengan manusia yang tak guna otak… Aku rasa dorang gunakan kewarasan dari arah lutut agaknyer..


its just random post.. I dont knoe  wether i boleh kena sue ke tidak kalau aku blog mcm gini…

Well i believe that everybody have their own perpective point of view rite..


Okie so thats all for now.. Later i will post new title.. hmmm… toodle doodle now….

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January 14, 2009 at 8:00 am (1)


Rawannya hanya aku yang tahu

Sakitnya menahan nafsu

Mengapa aku dibiarkan ketandusan dek sikapmu

Kuperlukan belaianmu

Setiap belaianmu ku hanyut di dunia cinta

Ciptaan kita berdua

Tapi mengapa hanya seketika


Mencari sebab mengapa ku dibiarkan ketandusan

Alasan demi alasan

Namun ku tiada jawapan

Hanya padaNYA aku berserah

Agar ku tidak dibiarkan ketandusan

Diduniaku yang semakin kegersangan

Siramilah kegersangan ini

Lalu mengakihiri

Satu episod ketandusan ku ini.

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What happened to the world?

January 12, 2009 at 10:56 pm (1)

Actually i am not trying to talk like very smart or politically in ANY ways.. But i just concerned about the world.. My world.. Just being concerned and more humanity. 2008 were full of surprise.. Massive attack at India ( well, im not that well alert ) that lost one of fellow singaporean live. May she rest in peace. “Tanah runtuh”  at Damansara. Execution of three ( if im not mistaken lah ) terrorist at bali. Too many incident to talk about.

2009 were started with Gaza issues. Which i dont really noe what is the prob… What i noe, even ianya tak berlaku di negara kita. Aku bersyukur ke hadrat Illahi kerana kita berada di dalam keadaan yang selamat. Tapi perasaan khuatir itu sering mengahantui aku. Bukan apa, dengan apa yang kita lihat dan berlaku sedikit sebanyak membuat kan kita menjadi pendendam. Some of us. Anti itu lah Anti ini lah… kenapa harus berlaku peperangan? It is tru in those years that Prophet Fought about Islam. Tetapi tidak membabitkan kanak kanak dan kaum Wanita. kenapa asal perang ajer kanak2 dan wanita menjadi mangsa? Tak kasihan ke mereka? memang betol ianya taqdir, qadha’ dan qadar. Tapi kita manusia boleh mengubah.. kalau setakat Doa tanpa usaha pun tak menjadi.. Doa diiringi usaha barulah nampak keberhasilannya..

Didalam kita mencari Dana bantuan untuk yang memerlukan diGaza ada pihak pihak yang yang mengambil kesempatan ingin mendapatkan “easy money”.. kenapa harus berlakunya begini.. Dimana sifat kemanusiaan kita/ mereka? Dimana letaknyer WORLD PEACE yang kita sibuk war warkan? Disetiap bantuan yang kita hulurkan bukan lah untuk mendapat nama .. Perbetulkan niat dahulu.. Setiap manusia especially the kids have their own dreams.. Dengan menolong mereka tidak kira lah dari segi macam mana bantuan ianya untuk meringankan dan mengurangkan beban mereka. Apalah yang ada dengan pemberian kita berbanding penderitaan mereka yang begitu dalam?


Apa ada dengan kepandaianmu?

Jika menghulurkan bantuan seperti menjijikkan.

Ada apa dengan pangkatmu?

Jika menghulurkan bantuan untuk mendapat nama di mata masyarakat?

Kita saling ingat mengingati

Agar sikap keperimanusiaan kita takkan luput dihati

Agar diberi kesedaran untuk menjadi

Manusia yang kenal erti susah

Entah bila kita berada ditempat mereka

Minta dijauhkan Ya Allah Ya Rabbi

Selagi nyawa yang KAU titipkan untuk kami

akan kami hargai

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Am i like that?

January 12, 2009 at 4:44 am (Uncategorized)

i dont know how i would like to describe myself.. Am i that typical that people look me very low? Or am i to openly or low educated that i behave this way?

I am who i am! Maybe sumtime i dont bother about people what to say about me.. But entah mcm mana kekadang tu perasaan tu seperti ditarik tarik untuk aku memblog.. Bukan nak menunjuk tapi to share..

people give comment by all means i reply to the comments .. but sumtimes i do know that i will reply comments even small small words.. The thing that “faham faham sudah” also i commented.. For me tak rugi ink, tak rugi paper sufficient lah kan.. paling paling rugi menaip ajer..

I dont know.. Maybe i just stop blogging at multiply.. I will try my best…

Act like more matured and i just blog watever i need.. no more whateva thinks that i want.. what i bought, what i will buy or wat so ever.. or maybe i blog here cause nobody noes about this webbie any way.. Hahaha

I back to myself.. Cause i feel more relieved as i vomit watever words i need to say.. Muahahaha..

Okie set then.. i blog more often here..

So zizie.. here i come.. wakaka

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Random Post

November 24, 2008 at 7:49 pm (Uncategorized)

Well well well… Let me see …. Wow!!!!! Im laughing to my self when i read my blog … Been like donkey years since i last updated my Blog.. Muahahaha… Alhamdulillah.. Everything seems to be okie between me n hubby… What more that i can ask when the is no war, grumble and arguement between us?. Just pray to Allah this will be continue in the future. Amiin!..

Okie alot of things happen to us to the house and everything else lah.. But i wont be updated like all of it today… Hmmm.. Let me think ehich one shud i start first…

Ahah! I think i will break two news for today… First i painted my house.. Especially my hall.. No longer baby blue theme.. ( a bit childish lah ) .. Now more contemporary.. We decided to paint it more daring.. Grey colour.. Yesh u heard me.. But i cant post any pic for now as “WORK IS STILL UNDER PROGRESS” Hehehehe..

Secondly, Insya Allah… my parent in law will be staying with us and our home sweet home will be no longer rented out.. Fuuhhh….! All this will be done by 2009… Insya Allah..

Okie.. need to start my work… Will update sooner or later.. ( hopefully i will not forget my webbi here .. as i 90% INTO Multiply…

Tata for now… Assalamualaikum…

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Them In my life….

August 20, 2008 at 4:41 am (Let the word tell the Story)

Fadh, Yat, Wek & Abby.. I’ve known them when i was in Irsyad.. No need to repeat those memory cause it WILL always here in my heart..

Each of them have their own personality which i can describe main thing as MODERATE craziness… Unlike me, Always gila gila.. I wish our age and our life will be like back those days.. where by HARI HARI HARI RAYA.. Huhuhu… Hidup hidup… We laugh, we argue, We shopping, We Shoplifting, We sleeping, We cry, We kancong, We takot.. almost everything… Together..

But somehow.. i felt now i drifted apart… As i choose this way.. The more i depend to them the more i comited to them. It is enough that i comitted in my marriage… I dont want to comitted in others…

Every one of us want to lead a simple and happy life.. But not everything we hoped will be granted by Allah.. Allah maybe have his REASON for making his servant life as hard as he wishes too..

Life is SOO unpredictable… when we thought it will be like this for the rest of the remaining days.. it will always end up something that we Will never expected..

yeah it is true.. Hardship is to make us strong mentally and physical.. but what happen if the hardship always on us? do it make us stronger by each day??

Drama queen titled that belong to me, somehow i will let it go… As the titled i let it go so do my friends..

For me their happiness is my happines.. i dont want them to be sad just because my life is like this… it will be fine for me that they know that i lead a very happy life…

happy for me is happiness for them too..

As time goes by… each of every one of us will setlling down soon. Yat settled down.. and now legally wife of Azhar.. And after eidul fitri will be following the husband to egypt.. I wish and pray for her always..

Between these four.. the one that is close to me is yat.. and second is Fadh.. now i noe that yat already have her own life.. my attention diverted to fadh.. as she just broke off with her EX.. i want to be there when she need someone to cry on.. and i would be the first one to lend my shoulder to her..

As for the rest, seem to me they settling quite good.. and for what i hear and see their partners take good care of them .. which is a relieved to me.. My only worries is fadh.. she maybe laugh at the outside but trust me.. she is not laugh at the inside.. to much pain for her will lead her to something that i dont know what.. She maybe releived in the inside but deep down her heart she have the doubtness of being single..

Dalam mata pandanganku mereka ini semua masih kecil lagik.. masih kanak kanak irsyad lagi.. oops salah.. remaja.. thats why what they do always caught my attention..

The next one that will be settling down is Abby followed by wek.. Insya allah..

Wek,.. what can i tell about her.. she is someone dearest to me too.. as her path of life not that smooth and alhamdulillah that she have the happiness that she been yearning for… A future husband that will protect her from being “bullied” by her siblings.. A future husband that will give her what she is been looking for in her life.. Give her guidance to her.. All her doa’s telah dimakbulkan tuhan…Syukur Ya allah kerana berikan kebahagiaan ini pada Wan hasanah..

when i read this blog again seems like aku nga kasi warning yang aku nak tinggalkan semua orang.. but Ajal tu ditangan Allah.. I dont noe when is my turn.. But Please Ya Allah berikanlah aku peluang untuk hidup bagi menebus dosa dosa aku.. this blog i wrote, something that what i had in mind…

That’s all..

Later i will blog soon about my fren name Azimah…

See you soon

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– Yesterday Once more –

August 11, 2008 at 10:47 pm (Let the word tell the Story)

Yesterday i was mc one day. Body aching .. went to polyclinic.. Then aku mintak referral letter to SGH bacause of my menses … They give me choices of which hospitals that i want to go.. but i choose SGH.. First Appointment on 13.8.08 thats mean tomorrow.. 1510 hrs… Dup dap dup dap…

but i still manage to drove abi to motor shop as he want to get GILERA . Upgraded lah sikit… Went Genting Rd, Mah motor, And last resort… Ubi.. and at last resort we managed to get the bike… New Gilera plus COE cost him 8k++. Down pay everything and Abi will get his bike by next week insya allah… Black GILERA ST 200.. The new version… Dont ask … cause my knowledge about motorbike is very limited…

At night went to CITY PLAZA.. Cause Abah really2 want to eat Arnold’s.. So we migght as well join lah.. Before that went to tanglin visit my PIL..

Hope yesterday berlaku everyday…

Spend time with him..

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Monday Bluezz

August 3, 2008 at 8:41 pm (Let the word tell the Story)

yesterday went to my uncle’s place ada perbincangan sedikit. He is not happy with it.. But i managed to went out sekejap while waiting for abah to come.. But he as usual make all those remarks as if that all the words that he talk bad about my family macam i dont feel anything…

Kalau aku betul betul kejam i will not by all means ajak dia keluar and we just sit there few HOURS and buat bodoh… And i AM not like that… He still hentam hentam me… But when i just make the remarks saying that… if i noe yesterday incident would happen i WILL drive my own car…

If him in my place i dont think he will do like what i do.. because dia takkan rasa bersalah… and all the fault he blame to other people. Let say kalau aku buat macam tu … put all the blames to other people ESPECIALLY him do he will do like i do.?

YA ALLAH.. Mengapa aku di duga begini..? Why cant i just have simple life as ABC… make thing more easier? ESPECIALLY with him…

me signing off..

Blog soon

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